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Our Commitment

“Be a leader and an advocate for the creation of impactful outdoor places that evoke excitement for socialization and play, provide a respite from the grind of daily life, and strengthen human connection to nature.”

Our Principles

We establish valuable relationships with our clients.

Our intention is win a lifelong relationship with our clients.  We strive to be a dependable resource for quality professionals who are thoughtful, punctual, and talented.  We have high regard for our clients’ ideas and opinions and place their satisfaction beyond furthering our agenda.  

We listen and understand stakeholders’ needs.

There are many instances in which the client and stakeholder are different from one another.  It is important to value the end users opinions and ideas.  While final say is always up to the investor, it is highly encouraged to synthesize this information and incorporate critical components within the design.  We strive to obtain buy-in from stakeholders to ensure that the design is grounded in real world applicability.  

We encourage innovation for stronger, relevant, and more valuable investments.

Research is incredibly important to our design process.  We study new trends in outdoor living, furnishings and manufactured products, sustainable materials, planting ideologies, and stormwater practices.  Incorporating proven innovations can help draw new patrons, increase short term and long term cost savings, and equip a project with adaptive resources.

We design purposeful improvements.

Our ultimate goal is to design projects that people want, use, and value.  Clients and stakeholders will experience excitement before their projects have been constructed and Design elements will evoke these feelings on paper.  Once a project is constructed, it will be widely utilized.  The design implementation and quality of construction ensure it easily accessible to all audiences.  Successful projects will receive continual investment because they are valuable assets to their community.

How our organization operates


This is our primary goal.  It’s pretty straight forward, but a successful place should meet all three of these basic markers.


We didn’t coin them, but these phrases are the backbone to our design philosophy.


Environmental stewardship is a high priority of our design work.  We are big proponents of native planting design and innovative stormwater management.


We take you and your projects seriously.  We also have fun doing our jobs.  The ultimate success of a project is achieved by people listening to one another.

A Message from the Owner

Sean M. Murphy, PLA


In 2014, my wife and I moved to from our home in Georgia to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I had never been to Pittsburgh and had no idea what our life would be like there – It was an exhilarating feeling.  I departed an Atlanta Landscape Architecture firm and accepted a position as a planner for a large multi-disciplinary design firm.  Settling into this new position taught me one of the most important lessons of my career – Lean into your opportunities and learn from them.  This mentality encouraged me to excel as a planner and, years later, inspired me to transition to a new role at a local civil engineering company.  I  returned to Landscape Architecture with a wealth of knowledge in planning.

In 2021, my wife, baby daughter, and I seized an opportunity that moved us back to Georgia.  Shortly after returning, I founded Adapt Landscape Architecture.

The company is named “Adapt” because the meaning resonates with me – “to change your ideas or behavior to make them suitable for a new situation”.  The goal of Adapt Landscape Architecture is to lean into each opportunity, listen, and take actions to make a positive and valuable impact to people.

A few things about me:

•  I Graduated from the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design.

•  I am a Professional Landscape Architect with 10+ years in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

•  I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife and daughter.

•  I am an amateur musician and guitar enthusiast.

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